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We are located in Greenville, South Carolina serving Greenville and the surrounding States.

 About Us 

ISF/THX Calibration services in Greenville, SC
After years of research, Clearpoint ISF was formed in 2006 in Greenville, SC. Since then, clients from as far north as Charlotte, NC and as far south as Atlanta, GA have utilized Clearpoint ISF services. Not only does Clearpoint ISF give 100% service at the time of the initial calibration, we also follow up assuring the customer satisfaction is complete. We provide honest and accurate feedback at the time of consultation.

For years Clearpoint ISF has enjoyed “home theater”. It has been a rewarding hobby, so we took it to the next level and continued our education with ISF/THX training. With the huge potential for fans of motion pictures and video to really see improvement in their home theater systems, it was time to learn how to help deliver the new High Definition technology.

Imaging Science Foundation classes and protocols plus a healthy “hands on attitude” imbues Clearpoint ISF with the necessary experience. It is now practicable to dive into the service menus that hold the keys to far better images than the front panel controls can muster. In addition, having state of the art testing and measuring equipment at our side allows for demonstrably accurate video from all types of displays. After about 100 hours of settling time for sets with CRT’s, (less for digital monitors or projectors) TV's can be calibrated for absolutely stunning results.

"Clearpoint ISF really loves pure pictures and we are sure you will also." 

Clearpoint ISF Onpoint Calibration

Serving Greenville South Carolina and the Surrounding States

Clearpoint ISF
Greenville, SC
Phone: 864-270-5326
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